About me

  • Born in 2000, currently a student at NJUPT
  • ACGN enthusiast and great fan of Kyoto Animation
  • Newbie front end developer, still in the process of self improvement

Contact me

Commonly used identity: DSRKafuU and amzrk2.

You can try the links and my e-mail address in the info section. To prevent e-mali from being crawled by crawlers, you need to click to get them via JavaScript.

This site


This site is built based on the latest version of Firefox, so please raise an issue if you are having problems with other browsers. Outdated browsers such as IE will not be supported.

Also, as the site is already using WebP images across the board without fallbacks, only Safari 14+ on iOS 14+ and macOS 11+ will be supported.


In early 2020, I wrote a new Hugo theme Fuji for myself to use on my personal blog. From then until the middle of the year, I gradually built up my notes and personal information sites to keep track of my learning progress.

After seeing that the sites were spread across different services and platforms and became cumbersome to maintain, I came up with the idea of a consolidated site. For ease of deployment, SEO optimization, and deconstruction of static articles as the main content, I decided to use the familiar Hugo framework to build a more intuitive web interface.

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